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 Organic Papaya Enzyme Powder

Organic Papaya Enzyme Powder

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Papayas are a rich source of vitamins, enzymes, and phytonutrients that assist the body in combating a variety of ailments. But what is most notable about the papaya is the presence of two very powerful enzymes that help break down fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, aiding in healthy digestion.

Main benefits of Papaya Enzyme:
Dissolves fats
Breaks down protein
Burns Carbohydrate
Improves skin complexion
Antiseptic & Anti Inflammation
Soften Tumors
Promotes blood circulation & removes blood stasis
Encourages digestion & absorption
Improves metabolism
Can be used as meat tenderizer
For medical use purposes as well such as cancer treatment and prevention

Many scientific reports have confirmed that papaya notably contains Papain, embedded in the thick white juice under unripe papaya skin; is an excellent digestive enzyme! It helps the body to dissolve fats, breaks down protein, burns carbohydrate and sugar, and promoting progress of digestion and nutrients absorption. The papaya is enriched with protein (amino acids), minerals, carotenes, vitamin C, B-vitamins, etc. This natural and sugar-free enzyme from organic papaya is your best and safest choice to consume.

This Product is bringing to you from Titi Eco Organic Farm, Negeri Sembilan. To ensure what we bought is genuine organic or natural product, one has to know:

Certified organic by NASAA, USDA, NCO. HACCP & Food GMP.
| No chemicals| No preservatives |No artificial colorings |

Titi Eco Organic Farm
Established since 1997; Titi Eco Organic Farm is one of the pioneer in the industry which has obtained both Malaysia organic and NASSA Australia organic certification standard. It is located in a countryside village called "Jelebu", Negeri Sembilan which means "Foggy" which is about 1000 feet above sea level, surrounded by hills and lush greenery where the air is cooler, fresher and cleaner. It covers an areas of over 40 acres with organic vegetables farm, fruits garden, herbs garden, fishponds, recreational area and in-house factory. It is an integration of organic and natural farms with farm stay resort that welcome everyone to visit and experience the nature, learn to be caring for the earth, appreciate and love the natural food, share ideas on organic farming and environmental issues, etc.. You may see for yourself the genuine commitment to organic farming while you were there!

Suitable for age above 7

Usage Tips: Mix with room temperature water and drink 5 minutes before meals. You can also add it into smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, juice, cereal, ice cream and more. (To retain enzymatic activity, avoid mixing with hot water).

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